Greetings from Brussels! Today we presented our proposal for an end of the shark fin trade to the EU Commission and made a case how an end to trading loose shark fins would serve the EUs strategic goals in marine conservation.

We are very grateful that we had the opportunity to talk directly with the EU Commission directly and had a great exchange with the commissioners! Thank you to all MEPs that attended.

 The EU Commission is the responsible authority to determine what will come out of our ECI. There will be some public hearings, some plenary sessions, possibly a resolution and then proposals on how the issue of the fin trade will be addressed.

Our next step is the public hearing before the EU-Parliament on March 27th. And then the commission has until July 11th 2023 to finish their proposal and deliver it to the Parliament. So in the next months we must make sure that as many Members of the European Parliament as possible will support our ECI’s request.