Another major step towards our journey for a #FinBanNow in Europe is complete.

On March 27 our selected group of experts spoke on behalf of 1,1 million Europeans who signed the EU Citizens Initiative “Stop Finning – Stop the Trade”.
Now the ball is in the court of the EU – until July 11, 2023 they have to make up the right decision on how to proceed. It should be crystal clear by now: After UK, Canada and US it is finally time for the European Union to follow the good example and take the necessary steps to save sharks!
We want to thank the interest, questions and discussionpoints raised by the Members of the European Parliament and the dedication by the European Commission, especially Virginius Sinkevicius to look into a trade ban on shark fins further.
Also a massive thank you to our excellent speakers Dr. Sylvia Earle, Stefanie Brendl, Bradley Soule, Captain Alex Cornelissen and Dr. Nils Kluger for being such a strong voice for sharks!

You can watch the recording of the hearing here: